Do You Think I Have a Problem?

craft2craftI have uploaded photos of my craft stash so you can see what I mean. I may need an intervention 😉 How do I get started when there are too many choices? I have so many photos and supplies and ideas that I cannot choose a place to begin. And yet there is always something else I can’t wait to buy … or do … or learn …   I also cannot bear to get rid of anything as evidenced by all my original Sizzix dies that I never use anymore.

I feel like the more I organize my supplies the more I need to organize my supplies! My older son recently moved into his own apartment and my younger son is away at college so now both my kids are gone and I truly have an “empty nest.”  After several years of illness and debilitation and other issues my mom has moved into an assisted living facility so that has given me back a lot of time also. I am really ready to start using all the craft supplies I have gathered over the past decade or two and have the time and energy to get things started. But where to start?

After selling my mom’s house recently there were a lot of photos and memorabilia that she did not take with her and so it came to my house. The last thing I needed was MORE photos and things to scrapbook! So I decided to scan everything and then give the originals to my siblings. After I finished with those photos I kept going and scanned every photo I had that was not digital, including some that were already scrapped. This led to cleaning up my hard drives and then going through my 65GB of digital supplies and cleaning and purging those files also. At one point I had printed a 4×6 of each kit so I would have a catalog of everything I owned and could easily see what my stash included when I was starting a layout. During this cleanout phase I discovered that I had not printed any kit info since 2013! So I uploaded everything to Walgreens as I had a 50% off coupon and printed them out. I now have a catalog of all 460ish kits (that is sadly not a typo) that I have collected over many years. Everything is backed up and safe and I am moving on to make a catalog of all my stamps so I can easily see what I have there also. I ordered some expandable file folders to organize my memorabilia and embellishments also. So many times I would start to scrapbook an event only to realize I had no idea where the embellishments that I purchased especially for this layout had gone or I would complete a layout only to find I had saved something I really wanted on the page but forgot it. I also come across things I don’t even remember buying since I have literally been collecting stuff for close to 15 years. By May it is my goal to be all organized and able to easily start scrapbooking my photos.

One of my biggest problems is I get started and then get sidetracked by another project that catches my eye, whether through a video I saw or something in a magazine or on Pinterest or at CHA. Honestly it doesn’t take much!  I LOVE to shop for craft tools and supplies – it is the only hobby I actually do participate in on a regular basis. I also crochet, knit, quill, needle felt, macrame, make soap, cross stitch, sew a little bit, make cards, use a couple of digital cutters, take classes for crafting and also nutrition, make jewelry, collect retro memorabilia (believe it or not this is very time consuming), art journal, cook, read and volunteer. I get so excited by everything I want to do and learn and I want to do it all NOW 🙂 I am going to try making a schedule for each day of the week devoting a day to specific projects and see how that goes. I will check back next week to let you know how it is going and if I have actually accomplished anything or not.

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