Thanksgiving Crafts

I always feel like everything just jumps right from Halloween to Christmas every year and I really try to enjoy Thanksgiving there in between. I have been attempting to make a Thanksgiving craft each day but have been getting sidetracked by all the Christmas stuff out there. There are a ton of things that I could make to celebrate Thanksgiving but  feel like most of them would not be appreciated. We don’t have elaborate dinners where seating is an issue so place cards aren’t needed and there is no room for a fabulous centerpiece with all the food I make. Most people do not give gifts or treats for Thanksgiving and I think that is a shame. I am going to be making some treat bags to send to family members to try to change this. I did appreciate that Hallmark had a TV movie about Thanksgiving before they started their all day, every day Christmas movie extravaganza. Years ago I bought a wooden turkey hanging for my kids to paint and today I gave in and decided I would paint it myself. Since both my kids are away at college, I figured waiting for them to finish painting it was not going to end up with anything hanging on my door this year! Even though it was not very creative, I was happy that it finally got finished and hung it on the back door to enjoy.



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