Retro Blogs and Facebook Pages

I have recently been finding more and more facebook pages and blogs that are dedicated to all things retro and it has made my heart sing! One of my favorites is Retro Renovation ( She puts up tons of pictures of the most fabulous retro homes and also links to things on eBay and Craig’s list for items circa 1950-1960 that are for sale. Many times it only makes me very jealous that I do not live close enough to purchase these items but I enjoy the “hunt” even if it is only a virtual one. Isn’t this kitchen to die for?!  (from Retro Renovation website) 

Today I stumbled across the Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook facebook page ( and am enjoying that also. I am trying to eliminate meat from my diet most days and was surprised to find a vegan link to some of the Mad Men Cookbook recipes ( I am just starting to watch the old episodes of Mad Men (my job kept from watching any tv for a long while but I now find myself unemployed) and may try to make at least a beverage from here to enjoy with the show. 


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