Lampshade from recycled photo slides

I have been seeing some great ideas for recycling things from the past. I have been working on changing all my grandfather’s old slides into digital photos but have been trying to figure out what to do with the slides when I am finished. I really hate to throw anything old away and I have found some projects that interest me for what to do with these when you no longer need them for photos.

Lamp Shade made to order from Vintage 35mm Slides - US Travel

This particular one came from  an etsy shop ( as did this one below. I think the lamp itself makes this one fabulous.  (

neat idea

or this from


This one is interesting as it was made as a hanging pendant-style lamp. They have the innards for this at Lowes for just a few dollars.

Old School Slides Used To Make A Pendant Lamp Shade


One Response to “Lampshade from recycled photo slides”

  1. Ms. Fastspeed Says:

    That is just so cool! We used to have loads of old slides that were thrown out when I was a kid. I wish we’d kept them. I’ll be keeping an eye-out at the bootsales from now on.

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