Pink ATG Gun from Scotch (my new best friend)

Scotch Advanced Tape Glider: Susan G. Komen For The Cure PinkI know this item has been around for a while but I just finally got one for Christmas and I have to say it has revolutionized the way I do my paper crafting. I have yet to find something that it won’t work with and it has pretty much replaced all my other adhesives. On rare occasion I find I need a liquid glue but this ATG gun is so smooth and easy to use that I reach for it every time. Jo-Ann and Michaels now carry these and you can use a coupon to purchase it making it well worth the price. If you do not have a store nearby also carries them. The refills are also reasonably priced (about $10 for 2 rolls of acid-free adhesive) and last a very long time. Not only am I not reaching for a refill frequently like with other things I have used but it also doesn’t make that tail with the paper after you have used it. The paper from the tape neatly rolls right back onto the other side of the gun roller.  It is also very sticky – similar to the tacky tape- so I have used it on boxes and envelopes, too.  There are several YouTube videos showing how to use the pink Scotch ATG gun if you would like to see it in action.  If you are not already using one of these I recommend you go out and get one today.


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