Finally Have an Interview!

I have been waiting for several months for our local Joann store to start hiring again. I waited patiently through the early part of the year with no hiring and then was hopeful again when school started and kids went back to class and then again now that the holiday season is starting to get rolling and FINALLY I saw the sign go up. I completed my application and turned it in as soon as possible. I tried to put as much information into that tiny block about what you have to offer that makes you special but then I was afraid I had written so tiny that no one would be able to read it :-). I received a call a few days later and have an interview set up for early this week. I keep thinking about how well it should all go. I mean I have been shopping regularly in Joann stores for years and certainly know where almost every item in the store is located but I am still nervous about the interview. I love to research new products in the craft industry and have lots of little tidbits of information about all sorts of new things and how to use new tools. I love crafts of all kinds and really enjoy showing new items or passing along a trick or two I may have learned along the way. I really hope this works out and I get hired – not only for the money but also for the opportunity to hang out amongst all those crafting products!  October will soon be here bringing with it the opportunity to start making all sorts of holiday goodies. I already have my head full of ideas for Halloween. I just got the new October 31 Cricut cartridge and have some stamps I bought last year that I never got the chance to use before Halloween had come and gone. Happy crafting to all and wish me luck!

NIP Seasonal Cricut Cartridge October 31 31st Halloween


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