Transferring Old Slides to Digital Photos

        I have been spending a lot of time transferring all my grandfather’s old slides to digital photos. While it is time consuming, it has been well worth the effort as I am watching my childhood pass before my eyes! The process is very simple; you just put the slides on a special scanner four at a time and they magically transform into digital photos on your computer. After doing some online research, I  purchased an Epson Perfection V300 photo scanner and have been very happy with it. Who knew you could actually buy Perfection?! This scanner is $89 at right now which is where I purchased mine with free shipping.
I have been scanning the photos and saving them at 300 dpi which has worked very well for my purposes but you have many different options available with this scanner. As it is so close to Mother’s Day that got me thinking about family and I thought I would pass along this information to anyone else who might have a closet full of old slides gathering dust. I still enjoy making everybody come sit in the living room on special occasions to watch the old slides as I find that there is something to the whole process that brings back many great memories but, for everyday use or scrapbooking, having the pictures in digital format has been fabulous. I have been emailing some special ones to family as I uncover these old treasures and we have enjoyed bantering back and forth via the internet about hair and clothes and memories. I plan to put them all on a DVD when I am finished and each family member will get one to enjoy.

Apparently they were much fancier back then. If I had to put on heels and a dress to do my laundry my family would be completely out of clean clothes!!!!!


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